A busy week for the Beaver Scouts.

We would like to thank Father John for teaching the beavers archery on Thursday evening, they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then it was the Beaver Space Badge Sleepover on Friday.  Packed with games and activities and even a night time movie.

Thanks to Cub Leader Rhys, Scout Leader Matthew and Group Treasurer Shaun for pitching in and helping make it a fun filled 20 hours.

We had 8 Beavers and 2 Cub Helpers.

Glow Stick Bowling and Hoop La was good fun.


Then we turned them into night lights, ready for the film.


Pizza Making was tasty.

All ready for the relay race on planets.

Hard at work designing Rockets.

And the straw rockets fly!

 Time to go home, who enjoyed the sleepover 🙂

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